Holly Gauthier-Frankel



Born in Montréal, Québec, into a bilingual family of talented musicians, Holly Gauthier-Frankel is an award-winning multidisciplinary entertainer with over 30 years of experience in studio and stage performance. Seriously. She started when she was a kid. She is also a writer, and has worked as a producer, choreographer and director, creating plays and dance performances for a variety of festivals and special events. Amazingly, she can also knit and draw and play some instruments, and can bake a mean apple pie. But I digress. 

As a vocalist and voice actor, her versatility, range and professionalism make her one of the most sought-after studio performers of her generation. Holly has lent her voice to hundreds of children’s cartoons, foreign and local films, and international television series such as ToonMartyCaillouJackThe Kids in Room 402Sagwa, and the Emmy-award-winning Arthur, playing various fairies, anthropomorphic animals, children and aliens. Need a crazy mouse riding a tricycle over a cliff? Holly is your gal.


In commercial advertising she is proficient in both singing and acting, and has represented brands such as GarnierMcDonald’sMolsonAeroplan, and Kleenex.  Her work on video games is also varied, and she regularly supplies multiple voices for Ubisoft and Eidos productions such as Deus ExFor HonorWatch DogsAssassin’s CreedDance on Broadway and many more. That prostitute/child/succubus you just mowed down? Probably voiced by Holly. As a narrator, Holly has worked for the CBC and the National Film Board, as well as forspecialty channels like SYFY and Bravo! on documentaries and mini-series such as The Killer Next Door and 24 Hours in the Life of a City. She is often the voice of that lady who sometimes sounds like she’s about to fall asleep, seduce you, or murder you. You know the one. 


A skilled theatrical and cabaret actor, Holly has performed in plays and musicals such as Last Night At The Gayety in Montreal; Oliver! and Salt Water Moon at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa; Forbidden Zone in Tokyo, Japan; and in various Burlesque Festivals and events in Montreal, Toronto, New York and Chicago.  Thanks to extensive musical theatre, jazz and opera training as well as a penchant for language-learning, Holly is fluid in many different singing styles, ranging from Jazz to Gypsy to Opera and Electro; in French, Japanese, Serbian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German and more.  With a four-octave vocal range, she can reach some of the highest coloratura notes, as well as air-raid-siren noises and morbid, blood-curdling shrieking. Y’know, the good stuff. 

Holly is proudly based in Montreal, and is happy to contribute to its talented artistic show business community. She is even more proud to be represented by Karen Benzakein, the best in the biz!